Monkey Tails are here!

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What exactly is a tail?  A Monkey Tail Bookmark is in essence a mock bookmark.  It allows you to dress up your planner even if you don't like/need a bookmark.  There are two style available.  Monkey Tail - TN and Monkey Tail -Rings.  These options are available on ALL of our bookmark listings but this exclusive Tail Tuesday collection is offered at a discount and for a limited time. 

Here are some action shots showing the two styles in use!

Monkey Tail - Rings

This option has a loop at the top secured with a metal ring closure.  You simply slide this loop onto the ring of your planner and voila... insta pretty!  You can loops over different rings to adjust the drop length (or sometimes even the top!) depending on what look you're going for.


Monkey Tail  - TN

These are a simpler option designed for ease of use with a TN.  Simply slide the leather cording through any of your TN bands and you are good to go! These are listed in 2 sizes -  "Standard" (shown below) which includes 3 inches of leather in the middle or "Long" which includes 4 inches.  Overall length will vary depending on the charm/bead configuration.  Ready to ship tails listed here will be sent as Standard length unless otherwise noted.


 I hope you find something you love!  Don't forget to join our facebook group for more information on upcoming sales, fun games and prizes and just good ol planner fun!

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