Mini Potion Bottle Charm - Mermaid Tears & Sparkly Shit

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Need a little sparkle in your life?  These tiny potion bottles filled with sparkly shit are just what you need!  Each bottle has a unique combination of tiny little shiny bits and baubles that mix and jingle. 

These are available in a variety of styles. 

Product Type

Mini Dangle Charm - These small charms are approximately 2 inches in length and are adorned with a bundle of coordinating beads.

Statement Dangle Charm - These charms range from 2 - 4 inches and are a simple yet elegant addition to add a little pop of color and flair to any planner.

Monkeyfist Bookmark - Hand crafted with high quality leather, these bookmarks are the perfect addition to any planner.  You choose cord color and length for a truly customized one of a kind bookmark!

Beaded Bookmark - These bookmarks have the charm on one side and coordinating beads on the other side.

Charm Customizations & Upgrades

Lobster Clasps - Standard Vs. Large - The standard option is a basic lobster clasp suitable for any planner.  The Large version is a fancier heart design that can allow you to use your charm on your planner, purse or book bag!


No Clasp - Ring Options

These options are specifically for ring bound planners.  Instead of a lobster clasp they will come with a loop at the end of the chain so that you can simply slip it over the top ring in your planner.  You can even choose how much chain length is added at the top of your charm to accommodate your rings!