Washi Grab Bag

Washi Grab Bag

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Choose the color combo and size of the lot that you want!!!!

Medium Lot consists of 10 individual 36 inch Washi Tape Samples - 10 samples = 360 inches total!

Large Lot consists of 20 individual 36 inch Wash Tape Samples -  20 samples = 720 inches total!!!  

No duplicates!  

You can choose to narrow down the color options if you want and I will do my best to send as many as possible of your color choice without duplicating prints.  If im running low on a particular color I will add in prints/colors that coordinate well to reach the amount needed to fill the lot.

My overstock is your gain!  Stock up now on some great prints and build your own travel friendly collection for on the go planning!

Each generous sample comes to you on a reusable plastic bobbin that is perfect for on the go planning.

All of my washi samples are pre-cut and ready to ship.